Disjointed & The Puffco Plus

Kathy Bates is one bad ass actor--from daring movie roles in Dolores Claiborne, Misery, to the television rating smasher American Horror Story and Emmy wins for Two and Half Men. It really shouldn’t come too much of a shock that she took on the sitcom lead role as a pot dispensary owner, teaming up with television producer legend Chuck Lorre once again.

Whispers around the industry don’t ever confirm the real Cannabis usage of many entertainers, but we get the gist and can still taste a world where the ritual can co-exist on the screen. There aren’t many shows that crossover to blend the lifestyle within a mainstream societal image beyond the stereotypes. A solid 88% of Google users enjoyed  Disjointed: Part 1, an Original Netflix Series (stream the entire season now!) and so did we! Here at Puffco, we supplied the showrunners with some of our signature Puffco Plus (check it out! 16:17-16:40 minutes in with Jenny holding a bunch being stocked on the shelves) pocket nail pens and wanted to shed light for our fans about this audacious move in streaming television history.

The pilot starts off with Ruth, a former lawyer turned activist runs a weed shop, Ruth’s Alternative Caring, with her nerdy neglected M.B.A. son, Travis (Aaron Moten). (She’s white, he’s half black, and there are some clever ongoing jokes throughout the show highlighting that dynamic.) Their staff of unconventional “bud-tenders” includes Pete (Dougie Baldwin), who oddly talks to his cannabis plants in an Aussie accent; Olivia (Elizabeth Alderfer), a potential mother Ruth approved love interest for Travis; and Jenny (Elizabeth Ho), who calls herself the staff’s “tokin’ Asian and is constantly looking for approval from her parents and a security guard Carter (Tone Bell) who has severe PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and just enters the world of cannabis to finally attempt to treat it. Even the “Strain of the Week” segment is a sidesplitting staple of the series and pairs, different co-workers, together introducing their favorite buds of the week. It holds true to all the sitcom traditions, with some Netflix flare and a twist of modern innovation just waiting to break the ceiling of television programming prominence.

Deadline.com critiques Disjointed by saying, “Kathy Bates & Chuck Lorre Sitcom May Be Funny if You’re High”.

Well luckily over here…... we usually are! Disjointed has the laugh track feel of That 70’s Show and enough jokes to go around for each character to develop organically. One the strongest parts of the show are the visual depictions of Iraq war times in Carter’s damaged daydream imagery. Chuck Lorre gave us Big Bang Theory and Two & Half Men and even those shows toed the line within censorship rules with their cunning punchlines. This time around Netflix and its subscription-only platform to allow Disjointed to be as crude as it wants to be. Episode 9 is the particular part of this series we naturally chose to feature because, to be honest, it spotlights our Puffco Plus and shameless ad placement is the American way we’ve heard.


Now we can’t tell you what to watch, but this show had a stoner captivated, making this a serious Netflix and Chill candidate. Add this with your favorite dab pen, a sexy partner and it is perfect for new age Cannabis Culture entertainment. I will say this though: the show has a lot to improve on and that used to be alright with audiences as we see the show eventually blossom into a mainstream sensation. We look forward to Part 2 of the series as we continue to be proud of the feature and where Cannabis streaming television is headed into the future.