Setting the Standard for New Vapes

Our mission here at Puffco is to design the most intuitive, elegant and innovative experiences for the modern concentrate consumer; It’s what motivates us every day. We are a relatively small company and function like a startup which gives us the freedom to continually disrupt the current marketplace by focus on engineering the best new vaporizers on the market. We aim to satisfy the needs and expectations not only of the true connoisseurs but also the next generation of concentrate enthusiasts.

Of course this means that our own culture–our values, the way we do things, and of course the why–tends to find its way into our products, how they work, what they look and feel like while you use them. Ultimately our advancements and technologies make the overall consumption experience more refined. At the end of the day, we’re designing for ourselves and our customers. We know that if we can delight and surprise our own team, our customers will remain loyal to Puffco and our brand.

The Puffco Plus is the most advanced concentrate pen on the market with 6 consecutive Cannabis Cup awards to prove it. But just as importantly are the glowing reviews from connoisseurs, cultivators, concentrate-makers and regular everyday users the world over. They illustrate the power of our technology, the elegance of our design and most importantly the power and true flavor the Puffco Plus consistently produces.

Here’s 5 Reasons Why The Puffco Plus Stands Alone

1. Intelligent Design

The Puffco Plus relies on an all-ceramic chamber, which means there are no longer any glues, wires or exposed metals obscuring any flavors. We took the extra step of working alongside the incredible team at HIVE Ceramics to absolutely make sure we were using the best ceramic material possible...It cost more and took longer but it was definitely worth the wait.

2. Coil-Less

Even heat distribution was one of our primary goals with the Puffco Plus because that is precisely what enables those deep medicating hits we, and our users, truly want. Our patent-pending coil-less technology provides the largest capacity chamber possible in a personal portable vaporizer, and enables effortless cleaning and durability for the long run. The Puffco Plus' durability means you won’t be switching out your coils every few weeks, saving you money and time.

You got it.

3. Sesh Mode

Ever tried handing your trusty Puffco to a friend only to watch them struggle with precisely how to use it? They hold it awkwardly, forget to press the button. Almost like they’re afraid of it. Consuming is both a private and a social activity so the idea of creating a setting that would let us handle the hard work while inviting our friends to simply enjoy was attractive to us. Sesh Mode is that. Double click our button to initiate 12 seconds of continuous vaporization. Sesh Mode just happens to provide an optimal dose for intense consumers as well. The closest thing to a rig hit is right here.

4. The Dart

Two birds one stone is our guiding ethos. So when we designed the dart, we really just wanted a great useful tool to load our pens integrated directly into the device itself. Just unscrew, roll up your favorite concentrate along the darts pointed tip and secure it back into place. Not only does it provide the perfect tool, The Dart also minimizes splashback while creating the optimal environment for airflow and heating holding your product precisely 1mm above the chamber floor. Boom.

5. 3 Temperature Settings

There is nothing more personal in the lives of concentrate enthusiasts than how they consume, especially with when purchasing a new vape. What product, what tool, where and how, with whom. These are the things that animate and motivate us everyday. It’s our medicine, our lifestyle, and our passion. With three unique temperature settings, we’re giving you the control you want and need to consume in the manner and mode that is best for you.

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