Pipe Dreams: DreamLab Tour

Live at the launch of the DreamLab Syndicate Tour at the Boro Brothers Glass Gallery in Massapequa New York


DreamLab Glass is a contemporary glass studio based in Evergreen, Colorado. Under the direction of founders Dave and Joe Peters, DreamLab builds and designs products and artistic bongs for the modern glass enthusiast. Puffco caught up with Dave to talk about how they’re creating and curating gallery worthy accessories while redefining the smoking ritual. DreamLab’s pieces were recently featured at a Boro Bros in-store event as the first stop on their DreamLab Syndicate 8 city national tour. The event saw a convergence of pipe lovers from all corners of New York gathering for some serious talk about seshing.

What was the original vision behind DreamLab?

DreamLab was created by myself, brother and master glass artist, Joe Peters, and Michael Zislis to be an artisanal pipe shop. Utilizing the pipe as a canvas for artistic expression, we work to create luxury bongs which are worthy of the most discerning collectors. A wonderful byproduct of our creative process is that the artists at DreamLab make pipes that they themselves are proud to smoke.

When and where were you founded?

DreamLab was founded in 2015 in Evergreen, Colorado in conjunction with Everdream Studio, the greatest partnership of solo glass artists in the world.


How do you go about curating the pieces you carry in your shop?

DreamLab’s pipes go through a time-intensive design process until the highest quality function and aesthetic have been achieved. As a group, the glassblowers and administration decide which pieces are good enough to be released. Finally, the pieces deemed worthy of sale are sandblasted with our Galaxy emblem.


Tell us about one of the most innovative artists you’ve worked with?

Occasionally, we have the privilege to collaborate with amazing and well-known artists in the industry like Elbo or N8 Miers. If you have a good working relationship with the collaborator it’s possible to think of new and innovative techniques. In this way, it’s easy to see that the resulting piece is more than the sum of the individual artists who worked on it.


What are some of your best-selling pieces and why?

The Orbit is DreamLab's best-known piece because it features a spinning marble. This marble is at once a throwback to traditional kinetic glassware and simultaneously the cutting edge of glass precision because the marble can spin over thirty seconds. DreamLab is also well-known for the Biosphere which is one of our best functioning water spinners and comes in a large 'Tall Boy’ size and small ‘Nano’ size.


What are some of your most coveted pieces?

The DreamLab Spartan mini-tube is one of our hottest pieces at the moment. The reason is because we are doing collaborations with galleries and select industry representatives all over the country in a limited edition fashion. Each series of pipes will have a custom colored mouthpiece, down stem and slide which are designed in collaboration with the galleries.


What’s the story behind the Estes Park series?

Being surrounded by the majestic beauty of the Rockies, we have strived to represent natural landscapes on our pipes. The Estes Park Series was inspired during a climb up Longs Peak I took with a friend last fall. We will most likely work on other national park series in the future.

How are you elevating the culture of smoking?

DreamLab seeks to define the culture of luxury smoke wear. In this culture, handmade artisan pipes and accessories for cannabis are primary to life. Our collectors resonate to this frequency and represent this message through use of our pieces in public and private spaces.

Do you remember the first time you got high?

No. I must have gotten too high.

Why are you so passionate about what you do?

From glazed porcelain teapots to carved ivory snuff bottles, drug paraphernalia has always been used as a medium for artistic expression. For those of us who find pipes an essential part of our daily life, there’s no better canvas than a pipe for their art. For that reason, being able to create art that is loved by people all over the world is a blessing and a reward of unimaginable worth.

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