Puffco Black Friday: Best of Bundles


Puffco Black Friday Sales run through Nov. 30th. It's our biggest sale of the year and a chance to plan ahead for the holidays or get the item you've had your eye on. There's something for everyone with exclusive bundle deals and more. All purchases above $350 also get a free t-shirt (limited supplies available). Start your holiday shopping now


Travelers Bundle -  $149.99 

Everything you need to sesh on the go. The Travelers Bundle is a perfect gift for the mobile minded, or perhaps a special surprise for yourself.

  • Journey Bag 
  • Travel Glass 
  • Dual Tool

Colorful Bundle - $124.99

Customize your sesh with the Colorful Bundle. Select your favorite Color Glass and Travel Pack to create your own custom look this holiday season.

  • Color Glass
  • Travel Pack

Friendship Pack  -  $99.99 

If you have a friend in need this is the perfect opportunity to be a friend indeed. Seshing is better with friends.

  • BOGO Plus
  • Vision Plus is give away 

Newbie Pack  -$99.99 

First time? We’ve got you covered. The Newbie Pack sets you up with everything you need to discover the magic of concentrates. (For under $100!) 

  • Plus 
  • Grip Pack
  • Chamber 
  • Dart Pack

Family Pack  -  $699.99 

The Family Pack combines all of our flagship products for the collector in your life (or for different people). A solid way to start your Puffco collection.

  • Peak Pro 
  • Peak 1 
  • Plus 
  • Budsy


Peak 1 Bundle -  $249.99 

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Puffco Peak. The Peak 1 Bundle will get you prepared for your entry into electronic consumption devices.

  • Peak 1 
  • Atomizer 
  • Dual Tool 
  • Travel Pack


Don’t forget to grab a little something for yourself. Check out the Puffco sale and do a little guilt free shopping.

Peak 1 -$199.99  


  • Peak 1 Line (Travel packs, ball caps, carb caps, atomizers)
  • Plus Line (Grips, chambers, dart packs)