Proxy Orb — Ryan Fitt

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Proxy Orb — Ryan Fitt

Color: Flourish

The Proxy Orb’s spherical forward design fits perfectly in hand and self-stands when at rest. Ghosted satin glass with a subtle hint of green transcends into a custom color-matched stem, sandblasted to pair with the palette and texture of Flourish. Carved, metal-plated designs with unique hammered copper aesthetics finish the piece into a signature Fitt composition. 


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GET TO KNOW: Ryan Fitt

Santa Rosa, California 

26 years on the torch 

How many years on the torch, and how did you get started? 

I started in 1998. During an art class, a friend dug a few inside out spoons from his hoodie, and I asked “Whoa, how did you get those?” He explained he made them, and I was insistent on checking it out. We went back to his place to sesh, and he showed me his basic glassblowing setup and let me try it. From that moment I was hooked, and played with glass as a hobby for a number of years until I could get into a shop. 

What’s your favorite part of glass blowing?  

I don’t have a favorite part. The entire experience encompasses a never-ending range of exploration, so I never feel like I can get bored or not be challenged. 

What drew you to build on the Puffco platform?  

Someone on Instagram sent me a Puffco post advertising the first Glass Open. I hadn’t even heard of the Peak before then, but I decided to enter the contest and won. After meeting the Puffco crew at the first art show, I knew it was a cool group of people and the brand and products had a strong potential. From there the relationship grew into a genuine friendship and partnership, and I’ve been honored and continually excited to be involved with the people and company. 

What’s one of your favorite pieces you’ve made?  

One of my favorite pieces was the very first “Tron” mini tube. It didn’t survive to completion, but it was the first fully-layered and carved piece that really turned me onto a family of techniques that have expanded and evolved into my signature style today. 

Growth is good.

It all starts with a seed.

Over 150 million people use cannabis around the world.

Cannabis culture has grown for thousands of years and continues to thrive and expand — no matter its environment.

Flourish is a reminder to keep growing. Community is strength. Every obstacle is opportunity. And the plant — this community — is unstoppable.

Available for Peak Pro and Proxy.

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