The Peak Lanyard Attachment

$ 19.93

The Peak Lanyard Attachment allows your peak to connect to any lanyard. It allows a hands free loading experience, and ease of use while on the go.

*Ensure your lanyard has a strong latched connection before extended use. Puffco is not liable for broken lanyards resulting in broken Peaks.

*The Puffco lanyard has not been extensively tested with this attachment

*Peak and accessories not included.

If you'd like to 3D print this product yourself, click above to download.

**This product has only been tested with Shapeways SLS printers, and material and printer variation may affect functionality. We cannot guarantee the quality of 3D prints made outside of Shapeways. This file is intended solely for personal use, not commercial. Puffco has provided design files for Shapeways production, however the materials, cost, and final finish quality is Shapeways responsibility.