Proxy Sherlock — Germ

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Proxy Sherlock — Germ

Color: Flourish
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The Proxy Sherlock is designed to fit the Proxy Kit case, featuring an iridescent and star white lined section montaged into Smokey Green Satin glass. 

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

21 years on the torch

How many years on the torch?

I’ve been blowing glass for 21 years. I got started at Salem Community College in the Scientific Glassblowing program. I learned pipe making at the same time from a guy who went by Spandex.

What is your favorite part of glass blowing and why? 

I love the focus it takes. I’m never as locked in & in the moment as I am when I’m behind the torch. It requires a full body-mind connection and the rest of the world disappears. 

What drew you to build on the Puffco platform?

I met Roger right when Puffco was first becoming a reality. We really connected on our love of glass, hash, fashion, art and New York City. I’ve always believed that the torch and quartz was a big barrier to hash becoming accepted by the mainstream, and the Puffco platform eliminated that barrier. I love that Roger always kept the glass blowing community in mind when designing these products. He easily could have shut us out, but instead created new avenues for artists to get their pieces into the hands of a much wider audience.

Growth is good.

It all starts with a seed.

Over 150 million people use cannabis around the world.

Cannabis culture has grown for thousands of years and continues to thrive and expand — no matter its environment.

Flourish is a reminder to keep growing. Community is strength. Every obstacle is opportunity. And the plant — this community — is unstoppable.

Available for Peak Pro and Proxy.

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