Peak FAQ

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How do I use my Puffco Peak?

1. Make sure that your Peak is fully charged before your first use. The white light on the unit will pulse while it's charging and will automatically turn off once fully charged. The Peak should take about 2.5 hours to fully charge. Use only the micro USB charger included with your Peak to do so, using different charging bricks can potentially damage the device and will void your warranty.
2. Fill the glass attachment with water, just above the air-holes. Do not allow any water in the lower section of the glass (see included instructions for details) and do not fill the glass attachment water while attached to the base.
3. You can then attach the glass to the base of the Peak, aligning the inlet hole on the front of the glass with the atomizer. Then carefully pushing the front of the glass into the base, then the back.
4. To lock/unlock the device, hold down the button for 3-5 seconds.
5. Single click to toggle through heat settings; BLUE-GREEN-RED-WHITE
6. Use loading tool to place contents on the bottom surface of the bowl.
7. Place carb cap on top of atomizer.
8. Double click to initiate heat-up; the device will take about 20 seconds to heat up fully. Press & hold button at any point to exit heating cycle.
9. Device will vibrate and lights will flash 3 times when ready for use.
10. Use a cotton swab to clean the bowl after each use.

How do I load my Puffco Peak?

Use the loading tool included with your Peak to transfer your product into the bowl of the atomizer. Always be sure to load the contents onto the bottom of the bowl rather than along the sidewalls of the bowl for the optimal experience. Once the atomizer has been loaded you can double click the button to engage the heating element and place the carb cap on the top of the atomizer. You can also load your product while the atomizer is warm as you would with a traditional rig. 

How do I charge my Puffco Peak?

Simply plug the base of your device into a wall outlet via the USB charger included with your Peak. While charging, the white light will pulse and the light will automatically turn off once the device is fully charged. A depleted battery will fully charge in about 2.5 hours.

Can I Use Any Micro Usb Charger To Charge My Peak?

While it's okay to use a different charging cable to charge your Peak base, we never suggest using a different adapter or charging brick or using a car charger. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT DOING SO CAN POTENTIALLY DAMAGE THE PRODUCT AND WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY.

How Long Should My Peak Battery Last?

A fully charged Peak battery should last about 30 heating cycles before needing to be recharged. Please keep in mind that using “Sesh Mode” often will deplete battery life quicker. ALSO REMEMBER TO SHUT THE DEVICE DOWN IN BETWEEN USES IN ORDER TO PRESERVE BATTERY LIFE, THE BATTERY WILL SLOWLY DEPELETE EVEN WHEN NOT IN USE.


To check your battery life click the button 3 times. The color will indicate how much battery life remains before the device needs to be recharged: Green (100% - 60%) - Yellow (60% - 30%) - Red (30% - 0%)

What is Sesh Mode?

We created a Sesh Mode feature that allows you to increase heat and extend your session by 15 seconds mid cycle. This can be helpful if you’ve loaded too much material and you’re in need of a temperature boost, or just looking to share with a friend. Simply double click while in use and the heat will automatically increase and your cycle will extend. Still not enough? Double click as many times as you want to keep the session going!

Why Are There Different Versions Of The Peak Atomizer?

While there have been different iterations of the Peak atomizer since we’ve released the device, all functionality between the atomizers are the same. We’ve only implemented slight design changes to the casing of the atomizer over time in efforts of resolving some user error related issues such as flooding/leaking.

What Is The Best Way To Attach/Detach The Atomizer To The Base?

We always suggest that you attach/detach the atomizer to and from the base fully assembled, with the atomizer jacket on. The top of the Peak atomizer has notches that lock the jacket into place, making it very difficult to fully attach the atomizer without it attached.

Whenever I Use My Peak I Hear A Buzzing Sound, Is That Normal?

Yes, a light buzzing is completely normal when the heating element is engaged and is always more apparent and noticeable when the carb cap is removed.

Cleaning / Troubleshooting

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How Do I Clean My Peak?

In preparation of cleaning, carefully remove the glass attachment before unscrewing the atomizer. Also be sure to let the bowl cool down prior to removing the atomizer from the base.
1. Clean carb cap and glass by soaking in Isopropyl Alcohol (99% preferred). Be sure to rinse with water after.
2. Atomizer can be cleaned by submerging fully assembled part in Isopropyl Alcohol (99% preferred). DO NOT RINSE WITH WATER, AS WATER EXPOSURE TO CERAMIC CAN POTENTIALLY DAMAGE THE PART. Be sure to clean the gold connector pin on the base and bottom of atomizer with Iso soaked cotton swab as well.
*IF YOUR BOWL CANNOT BE EASILY REMOVED, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FORCEFULLY REMOVE. See extended cleaning instructions via or contact support via
3. WARNING: After cleaning, allow all parts to thoroughly dry before use.
• Before removing atomizer, make sure bowl has cooled down.
• Do not get base wet – its electric – it will break.
• Thoroughly clean device every 20 uses or so.

How Often Should I Clean My Peak?

A good rule of thumb is to thoroughly clean the Peak each time the battery fully depletes and needs to be recharged. The atomizer itself should be soaked in ISO anytime you notice excess flooding or get a rainbow light response from the device.

What Is The Best Cleaning Solution To Clean My Peak?

The best cleaning solution to clean your Peak and Peak atomizer is 99% Isopropyl Alcohol. The reason we suggest 99% Isopropyl Alcohol specifically is because lower percentages of Isopropyl Alcohol have water content that could potentially cause issues.

My Device Is Flashing Rainbow Lights, What Do I Do?

The rainbow light is an indication that there is a connection issue between the base and atomizer & does not necessarily mean that anything is broken or defective. The first tip is to remove the atomizer, clean the connection pins with a cotton swab dipped in iso and reattach the atomizer. If the atomizer has not been cleaned in some time and there is any sticky material flooding the part it may be best to soak the entire atomizer in ISO, let it fully dry and then reattach the atomizer. When you do so, be sure to screw the atomizer tightly into the base. Sometimes something as simple as a loose connection can be the reason for the issue. If issues persist, contact our support team via

I’ve Changed The Atomizer On My Peak And I’m Still Getting A Rainbow Light Error. What’s Wrong With My Peak?

If you're still getting a rainbow light reaction with the connections clean and clear & a brand new atomizer, you may want to try "back threading" (turn the atomizer counter clock wise for a half turn) to ensure the atomizer threads are properly lining up to the threads of the base. Then tighten the atomizer securely to the base. If issues do persist, contact our support team via

The Light On My Device Sometimes Flashes Red While Charging, What Do I Do?

Not to worry, this simply means that the device has overheated. Simply let the Peak cool down for a little while and normal functionality/charging will resume. If your device is overheating while on the charger you should expect the charge time to take a little over 2.5 hours.

When I Try To Use My Peak It Flashes 5 Times And Does Not Heat. What Do I Do?

The red flashing light is to indicate that there is a short circuit somewhere in the device. Contact or for further assistance.

My Atomizer Is Heating Up But I’m Not Getting Any Vapor, What Am I Doing Wrong?

This can be due the glass not being properly attached or lined up to the base of the device. Even if you’re getting airflow, the inlet hole may be slightly offset which is why no vapor is being transferred from the atomizer through the glass attachment. Simply remove the glass and reattach the piece, carefully aligning the inlet hole with the atomizer first and then popping the rear end of the glass into place. Once in, slightly turn to the right and then back in alignment with the atomizer to ensure the silicone from the base is not blocking the air path from the atomizer.