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Proxy Collection

Whether you start with the Proxy Kit or build your own custom combination, the Proxy Collection puts the power of possibility in your hand.

Proxy Kits

Everything you need in one case. Choose your color.

Proxy Kit - Desert
Best Seller
Proxy Kit - Black

Build Your Own

Create your masterpiece. Find the build that fits your lifestyle. Possibility — powered by Proxy.

Proxy base
Proxy Pieces
One Proxy. Many paths.
Proxy Ripple
Proxy Ryan Fitt Recycler
Side shot of Ryan Fitt Puffco Proxy glass against white backdrop
Proxy Wizard
Proxy Bub
Proxy Travel Pipe
color:purple | Side shot of purple Puffco Proxy silicone pipe with black base and cotton swabs in back compartment
Proxy Accessories
Expand your experience. Choose accessories that get even more out of your Proxy.
Best Seller
Hot Knife
Sold out
Proxy Joystick Cap - Black
color:black | Side shot of Puffco black Proxy joystick cap
Proxy Joystick Cap - Desert
color:desert | Side shot of Puffco beige dab cap
Proxy Ball Cap
Proxy 3D Chamber
Side shot of black and silver Puffco Proxy 3d chamber
Best Seller
Proxy Flower Bowl
Proxy Travel Bag

The Glass Community

Discover custom Proxy Pieces made by the incredible artists that inspire us every day.