Pro 2

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Learn how to use the product

Find out how to use the product by following these steps!

1. On/Off

Press the button 5 times to wake device. You can also press 5 times to turn it off.

2. Change temp

Press the button 4 times to cycle through the 3 different heat modes

3. Sesh-Mode

Press the button 2 times to initiate sesh-mode. This gives you a 12 second continuous hit, so that you can get a fully medicated dose, or share with a friend.

4. Load your device

Use the Puffco loading tool included in your case to scrape your contents inside the atomizer. You then simply screw in your mouthpiece, and your concentrates will evenly vaporize off the dart.

5. Hold it properly!

Since your concentrates drip off the end of the dart using gravity, it’s important to hold the pen directly up and down. If not, your device will not work!

6. Clean gold connections
Clean the gold connection pins on the bottom of your atomizer and battery to make sure there isn't any gunk preventing your pen from working.

7. Sesh-Mode to clean

Use the sesh-mode function to scorch your bowl clean. *Careful, this creates a tremendous amount of heat, proceed with caution.

8. Replace Atomizers

Your atomizers last for 2-3 months, give or take, depending on frequency of usage. Make sure to stock up on extra chambers here to keep your experience fresh and flavorful.

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  • What Is The Difference Between the Puffco Pro and Puffco Pro 2?

    The Pro 2 is a traditional coil based system vaporizer that's functionality is much like that of our original Puffco Pro with a smaller & more portable design .

    The new Pro 2 unit now includes Sesh Mode, a feature that was originally limited to the Puffco Plus. Double click the cloud and the heating element will stay on for 12 continuous seconds without pressing any buttons at all!

    The Pro 2 also features a newly designed mouthpiece that is pressed on / pulled off rather than being threaded for easier and quicker loading!

  • How Do I Use My Puffco Pro?

    Click the cloud button 5 times consecutively to turn the unit on and off.

    Click the cloud button 4 times consecutively to change the temperature setting (Green - Low, Blue - Medium, Red - High)

    To use hold the cloud button down and inhale

    Pen will automatically shut off after 8 seconds of use.

  • How Should I Load My Puffco Pro?

    You should only load a small ball of product at a time. Please be aware that using any tool to pack or clean the pen can damage or short the coil. Packing the chamber beyond capacity may also cause damage to the coil.

  • How Do I Charge My Puffco Pro?

    In order to charge the Puffco Pro battery use the charger included in your Puffco kit. Plug the charger into any USB outlet for power. Screw the battery onto the opposite end of the charger.

    If the pen is not fully charged the battery will display a red light when the battery is attached. Once the pen has completed charging, the light will display green and turn off. When an uncharged battery is screwed onto the charger, the charger light will change from green to red. You can remove the battery by simply unscrewing it from the charger. Charge the battery at a wall unit for best results.

    Battery charging times can change. Computers, cars, or standard outlets will affect charge time differently. A two to four hour charge time can be expected. We recommend charging at a wall outlet for best result.

  • How Long Should My Pro Battery Last?

    Using your pen on the lowest temperature (green) your Pro battery should last a few days up to a week if you are only taking a few puffs a day or every other day. If you use the pen a bit more frequently, the battery could go much quicker and last only a day or two.

  • What Is The Puffco Pro Used For?

    The Puffco Pro is for use with essential oils. Dry herbs can damage the coil and we highly advise against using any type of dry herb in your Puffco. A variety of substances, consistencies, and flavors of essential oils can be used in the pen, as long as they are not overly runny, sappy or in liquid form. Remove unused liquids in the chamber as they can splash or spill after use.

  • Can I Use My Pro Battery With An E-Cig Atomizer Cartridge?

    While the most practical use of a Puffco would be the Puffco battery with the Puffco atomizer attached you can use your battery with an e-cig atomizer as long as that atomizer has the same 510 threading that is used on your pens battery.

    The Pro 1 battery puts out 3.2 volts on the green setting, 3.5 volts on the blue setting, and 3.7 volts on the red setting. Make sure you keep this in mind as many e-cig batteries are used on a higher voltage than our battery produces.

  • How Do I Clean My Puffco Pro?

    The Pro chamber is self cleaning and does not require any tool or cleaner to refresh. To begin, set the pen to the blue temperature mode. Hold pen upside down while holding the cloud button, allowing any byproduct to drip out. Repeat this process twice.

    To better clean the unit of unwanted substance or residue, soak a Q-tip in an alcohol-based solution and wipe the battery and charger threading.

  • How Often Should I Clean My Puffco Pro?

    We recommend cleaning your Pro with the included instructions every few uses to prevent any build up in the vapor path.

    If you are a heavy Puffco user, be sure to clean the threading and connection pins of your unit with a cotton swab dipped in ISO somewhat regularly to avoid any contacts from getting sticky.

  • My Battery Flashes Whenever I Try To Use My Atomizer, What Do I Do?

    In many cases, this is the result of a connection issue. We recommend that you first try cleaning the gold connection pins between the battery and atomizer to alleviate any connection issues that may be occurring between the two. This can be done with the wipe of a cotton swab dipped in ISO. Sometimes even the smallest bit of debris can cause a bad connection which stops the pen from working at it's full potential.

    If this happens with a brand new atomizer, please contact our support team for further assistance.

  • My Puffco Pro Won't Charge Correctly, What Should I Do?

    To get started, clean the gold connection pins with a cotton swab dipped in ISO to alleviate any connection issues occurring between the two. Sometimes even the smallest bit of debris can cause a bad connection which stops the pen from charging at it's full potential.

  • Instruction Manual

  • Specs

    EXTERIOR MATERIAL: Stainless Steel

    DEVICE DIMENSIONS: 12.5mm X 119mm

    CHAMBER DIMENSIONS: 11.5mm X 13.5mm

    BATTERY DIMENSIONS: 12.5mm X 76mm

    BATTERY: Lithium-ion fully battery recharges in 1hr with included charger


    9 Watt Max

    Kanthal Grade

    APPROXIMATE TEMPERATURE SETTINGS: Green - 580 ° / Blue - 650 ° / White - 720 °

    CHARGER: Input: DC5V

    Output: DC4.2V/420mA

    MATERIALS: Chamber is made entirely of ceramic with a grade Kanthal heating element. Air path is free of all plastics and glues. Splash guard is made of food safe silicone.

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