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Win a VIP experience at Rolling Loud Miami!
Puffco and iHeart Media want to send you and a friend to Rolling Loud Miami, July 21-23. Enter to win airfare, 4- night hotel accommodation, and the ultimate Puffco gift bag* valued at $1,000.

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*Peak Pro, 3D Chamber, Travel Pack, Travel Glass, Journey Bag, Hot Knife, Proxy, Wizard, Droplet, Proxy Travel Pack

Since 2013, Puffco’s mission has been to bring the best out of cannabis through technology. Our award-winning, innovative vaporizers like the Peak Pro, Proxy and Plus pen are all designed in-house and offer the most flavorful cannabis concentrate experience.

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Cannabis concentrates— sometimes known as hash— are the purest expression of the plant, containing only the most beneficial parts (cannabinoids & terpenes) without the excess. This provides a cleaner high with an amazing depth of flavor that smoking flower hides.

Vaping hash offers many benefits including cleaner vapor, more flavor, and a discreet experience.

Biting into the side of an orange = smoking weed.

Drinking orange juice = vaping concentrates.

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Choose any from of our wide range of vaporizers to get the best expression of concentrates, or hash. Shop our 420 sale or in- store.


Visit your local dispensary and ask the budtenders about concentrates, or hash.

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