Peak Pro Hollow In-Cycler — Slate

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Peak Pro Hollow In-Cycler — Slate

Color: Flourish
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The Peak Pro Hollow In-Cycler is accented with Smokey Green Satin glass, featuring a green fade reticello section over mint crushed opal. 


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Rhode Island

10 years on the torch

How many years on the torch, and how did you get started? 

10 years. I started with a lesson and rented space immediately afterward. 

What’s your favorite part of glass blowing?  

Testing my abilities and finding creative ways to make it work. 

What drew you to build on the Puffco platform?  

The evolution of dabbing on-the-go and discretion. 

What’s one of your favorite pieces you’ve made?  

The four-Peak bong. Taking rational thinking out of the equation and building something I felt was unreasonable but completely necessary. 

Growth is good.

It all starts with a seed.

Over 150 million people use cannabis around the world.

Cannabis culture has grown for thousands of years and continues to thrive and expand — no matter its environment.

Flourish is a reminder to keep growing. Community is strength. Every obstacle is opportunity. And the plant — this community — is unstoppable.

Available for Peak Pro and Proxy.

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