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The Plus is where it all begins. This award-winning, all-in-one portable dab pen has been upgraded to make it easier than ever to enjoy concentrates everywhere. The mouthpiece houses the Dart, an extendable loading tool that inserts into the ceramic chamber to give you a seamless, discreet, and flavorful experience. The 510 battery has one button, offering standard hold-to-heat, Sesh Mode, and three precision heat settings. There’s no better way to start exploring the world of concentrates. 

See why we called it the Plus? 


Available in Onyx and Pearl 


*This Product is Not For Use With Tobacco, Nicotine-Containing E-liquids, or Any Synthetic Nicotine or Nicotine Substitute. 

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What's Included

Plus: Mouthpiece, Dart, Chamber + Grip, 510 Battery, Plus Supercharger, Cotton Swabs

Plus Protection & Warranty

  • The Plus is covered for 1 year under the Puffco warranty.

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Plus Battery
Plus Chamber - Onyx
Plus Mouthpiece


  • You get out what you put in.  

    You get out what you put in.  

    Premium materials with zero fibers, glues, or coils in the airpath. Clean vapor that’s full of flavor — and nothing else.  

  • The Dart  

    The Dart  

    Contained within the Plus mouthpiece, the extendable Dart connects directly to the chamber to make loading simple and mess-free. Glazed and reshaped with improved airflow for better vaporization.   

  • The Chamber  

    The Chamber  

    Integrated silicone grip helps your fingers stay cool when the ceramic chamber heats up.  

  • 510 Battery  

    510 Battery  

    One battery, many modes. Low, Medium, and High heat settings. Standard hold-to-heat and Sesh Mode — double click for a 12 second heat cycle so you don’t have to hold the button down.  

Full Features

  • /    Coil-less ceramic bowl
  • /    Built in extendable loading tool
  • /    Built in carb cap
  • /    3 heat settings
  • /    Sesh-mode functionality
  • /    Fast charging and long battery life
  • /    Precision machined alloy housing
  • /    Fingerprint resistant coating

What's Included

  • Mouthpiece
  • Dart
  • Chamber + Grip
  • 510 Battery
  • Plus Supercharger
  • Cotton Swabs
What's Included

How to use the Puffco Plus?

Load a single use amount (.2g or .3g) into the Plus chamber using the dart. Hold pen vertically when using the Plus to ensure contents heat efficiently. 


Click the button 5 times consecutively to lock and unlock the unit. 


Click the button 4 times consecutively to change the temperature setting (Blue - Low, Green - Medium, White - High).  


For regular use hold the button down and inhale. Pen will automatically shut off after 8 seconds of use.  

Are the new Puffco Plus parts compatible with the previous Plus pen’s parts?

Yes, the new Plus parts are compatible with the previous Plus parts.  


The Puffco Pro pen parts are not compatible with either version of the Puffco Plus.

What is a dab pen?

A dab pen, also known as an extract pen or concentrate pen, is a device used to consume cannabis concentrates. It's a small, portable, and discreet vaporizer that heats up the concentrate to produce vapor that can be inhaled. Most dab pens are made up of three components: a battery, a chamber with heating element, and a mouthpiece.

What concentrates to use with a dab pen?

A variety of substances and consistencies can be used in the Puffco Plus, as long as they are not super runny, sappy or in liquid form. 


Not compatible for dry herbs or nicotine oil. 

Can I use my Puffco Plus battery with a 510 cartridge?

While we recommend loading your own concentrates into thePuffco chamber, you can use thePlus battery with a pre-filled cartridge as long as that atomizer has the same 510 threading that is used on the Plus pen’s battery.