Flourish Glass Marketplace - Sold Out!

All 7 custom Flourish designs for Peak Pro and Proxy have been sold out.
Thank you for celebrating Flourish with us and supporting this incredible community.

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Proxy Sherlock — Germ.
$500 SOLD OUT.
Proxy Solar Flare — Catfish Jawn.
$400 SOLD OUT.
Proxy Squat-Lock — Yook.
$330 SOLD OUT.
Proxy Orb — Ryan Fitt.
$1000 SOLD OUT.
Peak Pro Coconut Drink — Reyna.
$800 SOLD OUT.
Peak Pro Hollow In-Cycler — Slate.
$600 SOLD OUT.
Peak Pro Avant-Tech Columnar — Avant-Garde Art Glass.
$900 SOLD OUT.

Growth is good.

It all starts with a seed.

Over 150 million people use cannabis around the world.

Cannabis culture has grown for thousands of years and continues to thrive and expand — no matter its environment.

Flourish is a reminder to keep growing. Community is strength. Every obstacle is opportunity. And the plant — this community — is unstoppable.

Available for Peak Pro and Proxy.